Brooke & Cam

Brooke holding her boquet

A Sunny Texas Wedding

Brooke & Cam chose a beautiful afternoon to be wed and an equally beautiful outdoor setting at the Westin Stonbriar. With the sun heading towards the horizon, Brooke & Cam sealed the deal in front of their family and friends. There was a lovely dinner, cake & dancing, and the couple rode off on Cam's Triumph.

This wedding was featured in D Weddings magazine.

Flowers arranged on top of the Bride's shoes
Cam waiting to see Brooke for the first time
Brooke and Cam meeting
Brook's dress with rose petals on the ground behind her
Prayer over Brooke and Cam
The wedding party
Brooke and Cam taking communion
Father of the Bride looking proud
You may kiss the Bride
The happy couple coming down the aisle